"Day of the Death" at la Estela de Luz

Public Art Installation

11 mayo, 2015

Day of the Dead celebration is inspired by various cultures and ethnicities in Mexico. This tradition, celebrated across racial and socio-economic backgrounds brings together different cultures within México.  As most of the pre-hispanic traditions, this celebration is full of symbols and elements such as the cempasuchil flowers, candles and copal that activate the senses that immerse us into a mystical world.

“Altar ” was a collective installation that took place at the public monument “Estela de Luz”, one of Mexico´s City new urban icons. The installation took place November 1st and 2nd 2012, days in which according to the pre-hispanic tradition, a mystical bridge between life and death is created.

Through the use of ancestral elements and a social media communication campaign this installation invited people to participate in a pacific protest towards the more than 100,000 unofficial deaths caused by the  “War on Drugs”  declared in 2006 in Mexico.